Evening YIN Yoga

Margaret River, Tuesdays

Yin Yoga is an introspective style of yoga which allows you to turn your attention inwards, and connect to the quiet space within. Yin poses are passive and held for 3-5 minutes to access the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia. Hence, Yin Yoga is a practice of stillness and patience, one that allows you to observe and sit with whatever feelings and sensations arise, instead of instantly reacting…

Sunday Restorative Yoga: {Immune Boost}

Margaret River, June 3 & 17

Modern life is so fast paced these days, if we continue to race from one activity to the next, we can overstimulate ourselves (to the detriment of our nervous system). This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and highly strung…and getting sick more often…

Evening FLOW Yoga

Margaret River, Wednesdays

Evening Flow Yoga

Life is so busy these days and it’s more important than ever to actually make time for yourself. Give yourself the time to restore, reset and reconnect your mind and body. If you are too busy to put yourself first then this is the class for you!

Evening Flow Yoga pays respect to the phases of the moon and the changes in season – classes are tailored to reflect what is happening in nature. When you feel more connected with the cycles and rhythms of your environment, and the cycles within, we can start to increase our feelings of wholeness, and contentment.

Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice

Margaret River, June 10 & 17

Learn to practice yoga consistently at home, without the guilt, overwhelm and confusion. Join me for an organic, light workshop on Sunday 10th & 17th June, and learn ways to continue your own personal yoga practice at home. I’ll not only give you practical tips on your physical practice, but you’ll also learn different ways to sneak the yoga lifestyle into your world, one bite-sized hack at a time…